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ESS Biological System


  • No Chemicals

  • Bio-cell batch technology

  • Ultra-violet polishing

  • Real time remote monitoring

  • Ladder controlled HMI

  • Light weight heated lift stations

  • Fully configurable processing


    Enviro Septic Systems Inc. uses  "bio - cell" batch technology developed in house that meet and often exceeds the effluent standards set out in the Alberta Standards of Practice (2015) .        


    The ESS batch system is a specially designed wastewater treatment system that utilizes a unique combination of bio-cells, micro-filtering, UV treatment and ozone. The fully automated process reduces CBOD5, TSS, and FC to levels below current effluent discharge limits in most geographical locations throughout the world.        


    Specifically designed to handle high strength wastewater under differing load conditions, the ESS system has been tested at an acredited Canadian facility using typical and fortified city waste streams.


    Communication to our "bio-cell" unit is sent via an HMI terminal and modem technology. Alarms, pumps, tank levels, valves, temperature, timing etc. can all be configured real time through tablets and smart phones carried by our technicians.

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